Transform impractical room layouts into a stunning, functional Open Plan Family Living Space, flooded with light

By far the most popular projects we’ve been involved in in recent years, has been the remodelling of the downstairs living space, to create open plan living space for modern day family needs.

The trend started around 2014, and is particularly popular in older properties. Rooms are typically quite small – with some rooms hardly ever used – and family life could feels compartmentalised.

These types of developments typically revolve around the remodelling of the kitchen, and frequently involves blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living spaces – bringing the garden inside, so to speak.

With our extensive experience in open plan living space design and development, we can help you through every step of your project

We specialise in bespoke open plan family living spaces with fully glazed elevations allowing your garden to be brought right into your living room.

We offer a comprehensive design and construction service, and will project manage your build from start to finish.

Whether it be roof lanterns, glazed panels, sliding or bi-fold doors, the transformation will flood your living space with natural light.

We will work with your design engineer to form and install structural beams. We have vast experience in safe beam installation

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Designing Your Open Plan Living Space

Considerations when designing an Open Plan Living Space for your family

There are a number of things to consider when designing an open plan living space, so that it meets the needs of your family lifestyle. This article in Home Building and Renovation magazine has some useful information and exciting ideas about the practical aspects of open plan living: Designing your Open Plan Living space

Creating zones within your open plan space

Furniture placement and style: Bulky furniture helps to fill empty spaces, and placement can also help to define functional spaces.

Colours: The use of different colours for walls, floors and also furniture, can help to define functional spaces, whilst creating a coherent overall scheme for you open plan living space.

Architectural features: such varying floor levels and ceiling heights, placement of columns, partial walls, beams, columns

Materials: use of different materials e.g. wood, tiles

Lighting schemes: Apart from their functional purpose, lighting schemes can add fantastic ambience to your open living space. Our lighting engineers are experienced designing and delivering in state of the art lighting solutions to complement your new living space.

Practical Considerations

Lack of privacy is one of the biggest failures of open plan spaces. Consider using Bi-fold / Pocket / Sliding doors to allow spaces to be closed off temporarily. Partial walls, storage units

Extraction to eliminate cooking smells

Sound Proofing. Without walls to contain and muffle sound, big open spaces can be very echoey and unwelcoming. Rugs and soft furnishings

Understanding what can be achieved with Structural Alterations

Structural alterations will play a key part in creating your open plan space

Internal walls are likely to be removed. These may be load-bearing, and therefore need to be replaced with structural beams and / columns. Similarly, external walls may need to be removed to open up the aspect or allow for an extension, to further enhance the space.

We deliver beautiful brickwork, sympathetic with your existing construction.

Our Architects will help you turn your ideas into feasible plans

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